Faith, Work, Economics, and Vocation D.Min Cohort

General Description
If the church is to make a difference in the 21st century, it needs to help its members integrate their faith and their work in a meaningful way. Increasingly, Christians are yearning to live whole lives in which their faith informs everything they do. They want to know that their work matters to God, that it makes a difference in the world for God’s kingdom, and that they are responding faithfully to God’s call through their daily work. Church and parachurch leaders are beginning to address this desire for integration and significance by investigating how work, economics, and vocation are essential to vital Christian faith.

This Doctor of Ministry cohort invites these leaders to go deeper and wider in their biblical-theological understanding of faith, work, economics, and vocation. It challenges them to clarify the mission of the church as they investigate what the church has done and is doing to equip disciples so they might devote their whole lives, including their work, to God and his purposes.

The academic conversation of this cohort will be enriched by engagement with a variety of marketplace, church, and parachurch leaders, Christians who are actively and creatively living their faith in every part of life. Graduates of this cohort will be empowered to lead their churches, non-profits, and businesses with biblical, theological, ecclesial, and practical wisdom that helps the people of God live integrated lives for kingdom purposes.

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