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This book will help you explore your SoulPurpose, especially through the Uniquely ME workbook that forms a large core of the text. We’ll ask you to unpack and tell your unique story. Then we’ll look at your personality, knowledge, talents and skills , spiritual gifts, and finally your values, desires and passions. If you were to idly flick through this book you might think we have written a justification for a selfish life. Find where you fit … do what you are … express your uniqueness. It sounds like one of those New Age self-improvement courses. A closer look will, of course, dispel any such idea. The content of this book is grounded in God’s call to us in Scripture. Jesus summed it up: Love God … and love your neighbor. Our focus is on loving our neighbor. Not a sentimental love, but a practical, self-giving one. In these pages you will wrestle with the challenge of how to make that love your focus, and how to order your life so that you can do it well.