About the Resource

Title: Vocation Mythbusting Course
Author: Max De Pree Center
Publication Date: 2021


Our sense of vocation, or calling, is shaped by messages from our upbringing, church, and society. This material examines four common myths about calling that we believe are unbiblical and unhelpful. You’ll have the opportunity to examine these beliefs and recognize the way they play out in your daily life. We’ll help you redefine your sense of calling based on a better understanding of Scripture and a variety of related practices and reflections.

Why this Resource May Help You

The expectations you have about your own vocation may not be entirely your own creation. Some of these can be encouraging, motivating, and sustain you when things are difficult. Other conceptions can be defeating, make things harder than is ever needed, and make you doubt what you enjoy and who are you. We hope this course may help you recognize and change how you experience your vocation.

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