Profile Category: Third Third Flourishing Guides

Steve McLean

For 70 years Steve McLean has been trying to figure out who he is.  At various times he might have answered that question, “Son”,…

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George Mimms

If you ask George what is his greatest joy, he will routinely light up when talking about “seeing others at their best”. His passion…

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Hilda Davis

Dr. Hilda R. Davis, PhD, LPC, is the Founder of Creative Wellness. She has combined her vocational interests in spirituality and wellness to offer programs…

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Lynn Townsend

Lynn Townsend has more than two decades of business experience in the food and agriculture industries. She has held corporate roles in food technology…

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Loy Warren

Loy Warren is a retired civil engineer with 43 years of experience in design and program management of civil works. He lives in Argyle,…

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Mark D. Roberts

Senior Strategist Mark is the author of eight books and dozens of articles. He is the principal writer of Life for Leaders, the De…

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