Ruby Gonzalez-Rios

Ruby Gonzalez-RiosDr. Rios is a research scholar and entrepreneur. Currently, at Ashland University, she leads a research group, teaches biology, and innovative research. During the past 20 years she has taught, trained, and coached undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and medical doctors in translational research and health sciences.

As a scientist, she has focused on two main areas: cancer research and infectious diseases. She received her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and conducted her first postdoc at the University of Rochester, New York, where she made important contributions to cancer research. During this time, she became interested in infectious diseases after noticing the increased correlation between cancer predisposition following certain infections. This took her to the University of California, Merced, to obtain further postdoc training in medical microbiology. Currently, she integrates both areas of expertise to address the antibiotic resistance crisis and advance medical treatments for cancer patients.

Dr. Rios considers the worlds she lives in; science, faith, and entrepreneurship, to be interconnected, and helps coachee’s navigate the intersections they may find themselves in. She has found deep spiritual truths in both her faith journey and scientific study. And believes science and faith are God’s gifts in which he reveals himself to human beings. Dr. Rios applies spiritual values, scientific methodologies, and business principles to guide her work.

As the Co-Founder of RIOS, she and her husband lead this consulting firm dedicated to strategic consulting and leadership coaching to businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations. She obtained her MBA from Indiana University, and brings her experience to RIOS in leadership development, spiritual formation, and innovation. Entrepreneurship and innovation have been the conduit by which she explores solutions to practical problems and service to others. Dr. Rios finds joy in adding value to people by guiding them through their life calling and journey.