Yolanda Miller

Yolanda Miller (or “Yo”) currently works with leading spiritual formation groups for students in Vocation Formation Groups and Apprenticeship Groups, as well as groups for lifelong learners in the marketplace with the Fuller Center for Missional and Spiritual Formation. The common thread through all of these positions is a passion for what God is doing through Fuller in teaching others to integrate theology, reflection and relationships, particularly as it pertains to discerning and being formed for vocation.

Before and after graduating from Fuller with a M.A. in Theology and Youth Ministry in 2000, Yolanda worked in professional youth ministry before ‘retiring’ to answer the call to stay-at-home parent two kids, along with her husband Jim, in Glendora, CA where they currently reside. She enjoys gardening, writing, laughing (often at herself) with others, and eating really amazing food (preferably that she didn’t have to cook herself). Also, in her previous lives, she was the UCLA mascot and a TV extra.