Resources Mentioned in Webinar with Tod Bolsinger

July 1, 2020 • De Pree Journal

Here are some of the resources mentioned in our recent webinar with Tod Bolsinger: “Resilience in a (Permanent) Crisis – Practices for Christian Leaders.”

Tod’s Resources

Tod’s e-book: Leadership for a Time of Pandemic`

Tod’s bestseller: Canoeing the Mountains

Tod’s next book: Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed in the Crucible of Change

Tod’s recent article: “Leadership Exhaustion and a Spirit of Adventure

Lots of Tod’s resources

Other De Pree Center Resources

Life for Leaders: daily devotions from the De Pree Center

Finding Our Bearings in a Crashing Economy: Insights from leaders curated by Michaela O’Donnell Long

Leading in a Crisis: The Difference God Makes – Life for Leaders series by Mark Roberts

Making It Work podcast (with the Theology of Work Project)

Fuller Resources

Guiding Your Church Through the Pandemic on Fuller Formation

Fuller Youth Institute: Faith in an Anxious World


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