Lost Art of Community: Welcome One Another

April 30, 2019By Guest ContributorArticle

Romans 15:7, “Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” What would it be like if you’d never been welcomed by anyone?  I imagine it’s like being seized and bound by great sorrow. Joseph Merrick knew what it’s like. Born in England in 1862, Merrick became known in … Read More

Just Getting Started: Nada Jones’s Story

April 23, 2019By Paul MatsushimaStory

If you read Nada Jones’s résumé, you’d think she was doing specifically what God placed her upon this earth to do. Her calling, which marries her passion of empowering women—both in the developing and developed world—and her love for entrepreneurship, fashion, and storytelling, seems to fit her like a glove. But the fusing of her … Read More

Exploration of Self: Clarissa Joan Middleton’s Story

April 9, 2019By Jerome BlancoStory

In 2009, Clarissa Joan Middleton was fresh out of college, living in New York City, engaged to her now-husband, and working an enviable job as a financial analyst on Wall Street. In other words, she was living the grand, old American Dream. She had all the boxes checked for the ideal life, yet Clarissa says, … Read More

Rhythms of Work – Planting in Hard Times

April 1, 2019By Susie LippsArticle

Winter in wine country can be confusing.  It’s cold and rainy.  The vines are cut back and look like dead sticks.  But, in the midst of this, millions of bright yellow flowers that sway on tender bushes carpet the spaces between the dormant vines.  It’s mesmerizing to contemplate the paradox.  As a cover crop, the … Read More

Abigail: The Peacemaker

March 26, 2019By Jerome BlancoArticle

What would it take for you 
to rush unarmed towards a mob of angry men who only mean you harm? The situation sounds absurd, but this is the plight Abigail finds herself in in 1 Samuel 25. Minding her own business
 and going about the usual tasks
 of her day, she is informed by 
a … Read More

Common Practices for Faith and Work in the Local Church

March 20, 2019By DPC EditorArticle

How will the Church in the 21st century “equip the saints for works of service” (Eph. 4:12) for the vast challenges we face in the world today? This seems overwhelming at first blush. But then I remember that God’s people are touching every area of our cities through their daily work, and it’s the Church’s … Read More

The Proverbs 31 Woman: The More-Than-Capable

March 19, 2019By Mark D. RobertsArticle

In some quarters of the church, the “Proverbs 31 Woman” is, well, proverbial. She is famous—others would say infamous. In a small Midwestern town, young men might boast that they are seeking to marry a “Proverbs 31 Woman.” And why not? The description of “the capable wife” in Proverbs 31 begins by noting that she … Read More

Esther: The Activist

March 12, 2019By Guest ContributorArticle

Out of the tribe of Benjamin, forcefully living under the empire of Babylon, there was a certain young woman. She was not your average person. She could have been written off as a statistic with low chances of success. She was an ethnic minority, an orphan, and a female in a male-dominant society. Her name … Read More

Lydia: The Innovator

March 5, 2019By Guest ContributorArticle

When I think of Lydia in Acts 16:6-15, I often picture her as a hard-working Nicaraguan woman. Driving with my parents through the Nicaraguan countryside as a little girl, I would often take in the sights and sounds of my tropical country out my window. A typical vignette that captured my attention was the sweat … Read More