Coaching Program

Gain professional mentorship, develop your skills and passions, and kickstart your ideas and projects all alongside a professional coach. The De Pree Center's Coaching Program offers all that and more.


The De Pree Center's Coaching Program provides young adults (the "coachee") opportunities to help kickstart their goals by gaining professional coaching from business and nonprofit professionals, entrepreneurs, and a variety of other leaders (the "coach"). This program is the perfect opportunity for the coachee to gain mentorship and guidance from the coach, as well as for the coach to provide advice and expertise to the coachee.

For the Coachee

If you're looking to gain mentorship, start or grow a business, expand your leadership skills, or desire spiritual or vocational discernment, this is for you!

For the Coach

If you're looking to provide mentorship, support a budding starter or entrepreneur, give spiritual or vocational direction, or give back to the emerging generation, this is for you!

Personalized Coaching Tailored to You

You will experience private coaching sessions that are personalized to your unique situation and needs.

Coaching Topics

Our coaches' areas of expertise cover a wide range of topics to provide the best resources for your aspiring goals.


How is the landscape of work changing, and how is that requiring us to become more entrepreneurial? Coachees will receive frameworks, skills, and best practices for succeeding as an entrepreneur in our changing landscape of work.


Leaders face increasingly complex adaptive challenges in leading organizations, people, projects, and even themselves. Coachees will have the opportunity to grow in their leadership abilities as they learn alongside experienced leaders.

Mission and Vision Casting

Coachees will gain support in clarifying and defining the mission and vision of their projects. This will help ensure projects are strategic, on track, and in line with the coachee's desires.

Spiritual Direction

Coachees will gain spiritual direction to make sense of life transitions and discernment of where God may be in the midst of such changes.

Tactile Coaching

Coachees will gain insight into more tactile questions, such as how to grow an online audience, how to turn an idea into a tangible product, or even how to dissolve a business.

Vocational Formation

Questions of calling, career, and vocation have never been more important. Coachees can evaluate how their current and previous passions, experiences, and skills connect with God's calling in their lives.

One-on-One Attention

You will receive the one-on-one attention in ways that classrooms and seminars can't always provide. Our coaches will dedicate the time and attention to specifically address your needs.

Meet Our Coaches

We've curated a network of diverse, contextual, and theological coaches who can provide their expertise from a wide range of industries and experiences. Explore below to find the perfect coach for your needs.

Kathy Young

Michaela O’Donnell Long

Michaela O’Donnell Long

Ramona Wright

Ramona Wright

Steven Chaparro

Steven Chaparro

Nina Lau Branson

Nina Lau Branson

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

Roy Goble

Roy Goble

Susie Lipps

Susie Lipps

*More coaches will be made available as they are recruited. Please check back in the near future for additional coaches.

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

If you're looking to provide mentorship, support a budding starter or entrepreneur, give spiritual or vocational direction, or give back to the emerging generation, use the link to apply!

Matches Made in Heaven

Coaches and coachees will be carefully paired - based on everything from backgrounds, interests, skillsets, theological leanings, and personalities - to ensure a good match.

Program Details

Locations & Dates

Based on Availability
of coaches and coachees

Coachees and coaches communicate directly for meeting dates and locations. Meetings can be in person, online, or via phone.

Meeting Frequency

4 Sessions
per coach-coachee pairing

Coachees will participate in four 50-minute coaching sessions.


to participate

* Full and partial scholarships are available to help subsidize price.

Become Your Best Self

Achieve your goals and become your best self with the help of a coach. Our coaches will walk alongside you as you pursue your dreams and put them into action.

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