Following Jesus Today

A Life for Leaders Devotional Series

by Mark D. Roberts, Ph.D.
Senior Strategist
Fuller’s Max De Pree Center for Leadership

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A woman hiking and reaching back to take the hand of the person behind her

When in Doubt, Follow Jesus

By Mark Roberts | 05/25/2020

No matter the context, no matter the challenge, no matter the confusion engulfing us, it’s always good to turn our attention back to Jesus. I don’t know what will be expected of me in the future. I don’t know the challenges I’ll face or the opportunities that will be presented to me. But I do know this: When in doubt, follow Jesus!

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A book cover showing an icon of Jesus with the words "Jesus Revealed" across it

Surprised by Jesus

By Mark Roberts | 05/26/2020

Jesus continues to surprise us today, even and especially those of us who follow him. Just when we think we have Jesus all figured out, he surprises us with unexpected wisdom, vision, compassion, power, and grace. Are you open to being surprised by Jesus today?

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A person standing on a hill at sunrise in a prayerful posture

Giving God All That You Are

By Mark Roberts | 05/27/2020

She said, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). The simple phrase “Here am I” echoes the responses of Moses and Isaiah, both of whom answered God’s call by saying, “Here I am” (Exodus 3:4; Isaiah 6:8). Moreover, like these faithful ones from the Old Testament, Mary offered herself fully and freely to God. “Let it be with me according to your word” (Luke 1:38) is the fitting response of one who saw herself as God’s servant.

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A pregnant woman sitting on a bench

God’s Miracle and Mary’s Work

By Mark Roberts | 05/28/2020

Why does this matter? Because we often ignore the human part of God’s work in the world. We celebrate the miracles without also celebrating human labor.

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A wooden manger

Following Jesus Today: A Humble Beginning

By Mark Roberts | 06/01/2020

What does it mean to follow one who was born in a manger? It does not mean that we must necessarily sleep on beds of straw. But it does mean that the one we follow will lead us in the way of humility. The same Jesus whose birth was so humble is the one whose death was designed to maximize humiliation. We follow Jesus by surrendering our preoccupation with comfort and honor, choosing instead to give ourselves away in service to God and others.

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boy crying into his shirt

Following Jesus Today: Weeping Over Our Cities

By Mark Roberts | 06/02/2020

Grief over injustice and suffering isn’t the end of our response, but just the beginning. As we take our grief to the Lord, we ask what he would have us do. We offer ourselves as instruments of his peace, as seekers of his justice in every part of life, and as people who love in deed and not only in word. Weeping opens us up to feel God’s heart, receive God’s direction, and join in his kingdom mission. What this means for each one of us will be distinctive, given our situation in life and our particular callings. But we can all do something to advance the cause of justice in our part of the world and to stand in solidarity with the African American community in the midst of our current crisis.

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A woman carrying her baby on her back

Following Jesus Today: The Vulnerability of Jesus

By Mark Roberts | 06/03/2020

In this time of history, when we’re dealing with a pandemic and other major challenges, leadership requires vulnerability. After all, we who lead in this day must take risks. There is no other way, no safe path. We must try things we haven’t tried before. We must acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers. We must learn to be honest with our colleagues so that we might discover together the best ways to move forward in the face of uncertainty. We need to put ourselves, our success, and our reputation on the line. As we do, we will indeed live and lead vulnerably, like Jesus, who is there to help us.

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A person standing on a beach looking out at stormy waves.

Following Jesus Today: The Vulnerability of Jesus (Part 2)

By Mark Roberts | 06/04/2020

When you feel vulnerable, Jesus understands. When you feel weak, Jesus gets it. This truth can be especially reassuring in a world infected by a life-threatening, economy-disrupting, relationship-limiting virus. When you talk with Jesus about how you’re doing, his heart is right there with you.

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The shadows of two people in front of the MLK Jr. memorial, looking at a quote which reads "If we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective."

Following Jesus Today: A Moving Example of Vulnerable Leadership

By Mark Roberts | 06/05/2020

Today’s devotion focuses on a moving and timely example of vulnerable leadership.

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