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A woman standing on a beach at sunset lifting her hands in prayer

The Lord is With You

The example of Mary in the Gospel of Luke reminds us that God isn’t with us only to comfort us. God is present in our lives also to empower us and to call us into the work of the kingdom.

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A older woman sitting on the side of a hill in Bangladesh

Waiting in Advent

The season of Advent is a time of waiting.

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A person sitting on a park bench on a misty, foggy day, gazing off into the distance

Silence in Advent

Advent is a season for hoping, waiting, and silence.

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An aerial view of a car driving on a road that makes a sharp U-turn, on a snowy day

Preparing for the Lord in Advent

Advent is a season in which we prepare for a rich, renewing celebration of Christmas.

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A lily floating on a pool of water

Can You Add a Day? (Part 2)

“Consider the Lilies.”

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A bulletin board with the words "DON'T PANIC" on it

Can You Add a Day? (Part 1)

Jesus asked a pointed question that, if taken literally, could help us understand how to approach life with less worry.

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A smiling older man talking to a smiling younger man

Sharing Advent with Others

Even and especially in Advent, let us weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.

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A black and white photo of a seagull flying over the seashore on a sunny day

Once in a Lifetime

In Advent, we pray, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” We ask Jesus to come to our broken world and make it whole.

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An elderly couple walking through the street holding hands

Advent Longings

Zechariah and Elizabeth were good, godly people. But God had not fulfilled their deep desire for a child. Their yearning invites us into the ethos and pathos of Advent.

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Skulls on the side of a hill

Yearning for Freedom in Advent

The season of Advent is a time to bring our longings before the Lord, to ask for the freedom that only Jesus can give us.

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An Advent wreath with one candle burning, against a backdrop of greens

Fulfilled in Advent

In Advent, we remember how God’s ancient promises were fulfilled in the events of Jesus’s life.

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Leadership Wisdom – You are the Light of the World

Isn’t Jesus the light of the world? In what sense are we?

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Advent Approaches

The season of Advent is almost here.

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A cherry tree in the winter sunlight with dew on it

Advent and the Earth

Creation groans and suffers from the results of human sin.

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A woman crossing a New York street at night in the winter

Advent and the Body

The coming season of Advent is an invitation to reflect on God’s redemptive plan and the characteristics of his coming kingdom.

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