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Several families in an office copy room

Keeping Christmas Well. . . by Seeing Your Coworkers as People

The birth of Jesus, God in human flesh, reinforces the value of human life. It encourages us to see our co-workers as whole people and to care for them accordingly.

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Two workers sitting and talking around a laptop and phone

Keeping Christmas Well . . . by Seeking Justice in Your Workplace

We can keep Christmas well by seeking justice for those with whom we work.

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A Very Different Christmas

Whatever you’re feeling today, God is with you in Jesus, Immanuel. So, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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A newborn baby yawning

Sleepless on Christmas Eve

In this difficult time of history, how good to know that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us.

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A mug next to a computer where many people are participating on a Zoom call

Keeping Christmas Well . . . with the Family of God

We may have to do this virtually in COVIDtime, but we can be creative as we extend love and grace to those who need it.

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A large family holding hands on a beach looking at a sunset

Keeping Christmas Well . . . with Family

May we be creative in using technology to connect meaningfully with others.

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A beautiful Orthodox church in a snowstorm

Keeping Christmas Well . . . by Going to Church

Christmas should be celebrated in community with others as we gather to worship the Son of God, born in a stable and laid in a manger. This year, let’s be sure to gather for worship, even if we do so virtually.

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A woman dressed in red holding out a handful of chocolate coins

Keeping Christmas Well . . . by Living Generously

We give in response to God’s most generous gift to us, the gift of Jesus.

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Photo of sunrise at Zion National Park. Copyright Mark Roberts.

Keeping Christmas Well . . . Gloriously

Scripture reveals to us the unsurpassed glory of God, which we see in the natural world and most of all in Jesus, the Word of God made flesh.

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A crowd of children, one of whom is reaching out to the photographer

Keeping Christmas Well: As a Child

Christmas, the celebration of God’s coming among us as a child, helps us to experience blessed childlikeness.

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A woman heartily laughing

Keeping Christmas Well: With Laughter and Joy

We can keep Christmas well by enjoying laughter. Our joy doesn’t deny the pains of life today.

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A large group of old clocks, mostly grandfather clocks

Keeping Christmas Well: Past, Present, and Future

After Ebenezer Scrooge was supernaturally transformed, he proclaimed, “I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future!”

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A woman holding a pile of coins and a sign reading "Make a Change"

Keeping Christmas Well by Making Amends

When we are transformed by his grace, we too will seek to make right what is wrong, both in our personal lives and in the wider world.

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A pile of stones

Keeping Christmas Well as an Ebenezer

An Ebenezer helps people remember God’s grace.

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Keeping Christmas Well

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to keep Christmas well, not just on one special day or during one special season of the year?

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