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A wooden Pinocchio doll with a long nose

Confronting Your Inner Pinocchio

Truthfulness begins with our being honest with ourselves.

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A piece of paper that says "TRUTH" lying trampled in the mud

A Timely Call to Speak Truthfully

If we are to live as redeemed and renewed people in Christ, we must learn to speak and live the truth.

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A man standing in a forest opening his arms to brilliant sunlight

God is Extravagant

Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesus is extravagant.

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A group of women in pink coats, seen from the back, with arms around each others' waists

How to Live Your Calling: Be Zealous for Unity

If you want to live out your Christian calling, you can start by speaking and acting in ways that support the unity of your church.

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A wooden carving of Jesus with his arms open wide

How to Live Your Calling: A Curious Starting Point

According to Ephesians, we are to live out our Christian calling each day.

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An old-fashioned rotary dial phone in a phone booth

Live Your Calling

Ephesians 4:1 urges us to “lead a life worthy of the calling to which [we] have been called.”

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A man standing on a hill watching a sunrise

Called to Hope

Christians are called by God to be people of hope. Christian hope is not wishful thinking.

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A statue of Jesus in the middle of a beautiful green field

Saved by Grace Through Faith

Grace saves us through faith so that God can re-create us and renew us..

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A mug next to a computer where many people are participating on a Zoom call

Keeping Christmas Well . . . with the Family of God

We may have to do this virtually in COVIDtime, but we can be creative as we extend love and grace to those who need it.

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A sign that says "Give thanks and eat pie" with an image of pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving Invitation

Why not think of this as Thanksgiving Week? Take time each day to thank God for his good gifts.

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A person holding balloons with hearts for eyes

Enlightened Eyes

The Apostle Paul prays that not that God will do anything new, but instead that the Ephesians will see what God has already done.

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Ruins of a temple of the Greek god Asclepius.

Being God’s Temple

We who call ourselves Christians are to live in the world in such a way that God is truly and obviously present. We are to be the “temple” of the living God, the “place” where God can be found in this world. We are to do this in our private lives and our public lives, in our families and our workplaces, in our neighborhoods and schools.

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The Cornerstone

If Jesus Christ is your cornerstone, then many of the choices that can confuse your life are removed from the range of possibilities. You will not, for example, have to spend much time worrying about whether or not to get revenge on a colleague. You won’t have to choose a life of conspicuous consumption in order to convince yourself that you matter. You won’t believe that racism is acceptable or insignificant. Building your life upon Jesus and orienting your life in the direction of his kingdom allows you to live with greater freedom, confidence, and significance.

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A red United Kingdom passport

You are a Fellow Citizen

In a day when “spiritual” people are less and less inclined to be actively involved in any religious community, when millions of Christians seem satisfied to remain disconnected from other believers, when COVID-19 keeps us from being in physical proximity with other believers, we need to hear the good news of Ephesians 2:19 and consider the implications for our lives. Because of Christ, we are fellow citizens with God’s people. We belong, not just to God, but also to the community of those who have pledged their allegiance to God through Christ.

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A wooden cross on a mountaintop


As you go about your business today, consider how the cross of Christ impacts your feelings, choices, and relationships. When you deal with a difficult relationship at work, what difference does the cross of Christ make? If you’re wronged by someone on your team, how is the cross relevant to you? If you’re aware of racial injustice in your workplace or community, what might Christ be calling you to do? Jesus died on the cross, thus forging reconciliation among divided peoples. Consequently, how will you live today?

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