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Scrabble tiles spelling "prioritise"

Embracing the Priorities of Jesus

As we learn to strive first of God’s kingdom, our priorities will become more and more like the priorities of Jesus.

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A teenage boy planting plants in a garden

What is Your Manure?

We need the Lord’s help to engage in practices that form our lives in positive ways even though we experience them negatively.

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A young woman playing a violin

Use Your Gifts Well!

Jesus says that from those to whom much has been given, much will be required.

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Adult and child hands holding a treasure map

Where is Your Treasure?

As people who strive for God’s kingdom, we choose to value what God values most of all, and this leads us to a life of generosity.

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A man taking a picture of his daugther in front of a Christmas tree

What God Loves to Give You

God takes pleasure in blessing us, guiding us, and empowering us for the work of the kingdom.

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A young man jogging on an empty street

Strive for the Kingdom of God

Jesus tells his disciples to strive for God’s kingdom. We do this by seeking intentionally, energetically, and consistently to live under God’s reign in every part of life.

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An old, ornate crown seen in closeup against a harbor in Stockholm

What is the Kingdom of God?

Jesus urges us to strive for the kingdom of God. That’s great, except we need to know what the kingdom of God is.

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Runners lined up in lanes on a track, with one runner racing ahead

For What Are You Striving?

What do you want most in life? What are the things that motivate you, even tantalize you?

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Don’t Put Yourself in God’s Place

Sometimes we worry because we feel as if we’re responsible for everything, even the things over which we have no control.

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Wearing God’s Glorious Clothing

If you’ve ever gazed on a field of glorious flowers, then you have an idea of God’s generous care for the natural world.

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A wet, beaten-up 2012 monthly calendar hanging on a wall

Worry Doesn’t Help

Jesus encourages us not to worry about our lives.

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You Matter So Much More!

We live in a time filled with anxiety. But Jesus urges us not to worry.

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Eggs in a carton, with faces (mostly sad or worried) drawn on them

Words for the Worried

There is so much going on around us – and in our own lives – that causes us to worry.

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A large field with a number of hay bales

Be Rich Toward God

Jesus tells us to be on guard against greed. Real life does not consist of the abundance of possessions.

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A group of people sitting around a coffeeshop table working on computers

The Holy Spirit Will Teach You

Jesus promised to his first disciples that when they were put on trial for following him, the Holy Spirit would teach them what to say.

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