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An Advent wreath with one candle burning, against a backdrop of greens

Fulfilled in Advent

In Advent, we remember how God’s ancient promises were fulfilled in the events of Jesus’s life.

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A piece of wood with a sign on it that says "USE AT OWN RISK"

Take Next Doable Risks

What next doable risk might God be inviting you toward today?

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A person holding out glasses in front of a blurry scene; through the lenses of the glasses the scene is clearer and more colorful

Ask “What If?”

Part of work in a changing world is to think outside the box and to take seriously God’s invitation to imagine what is possible.

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A group of people packing donations at a food bank

Practice Empathy Along the Way

Much of the meaningful work we desire to do can be traced back to empathy.

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Someone fitting a young woman with glasses for a hearing aid

Are You Listening to God?

God has spoken plainly in Scripture about his care for the poor.

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A mural of Bob Dylan's face on the side of a building

Gotta Serve Somebody

Who or what really guides your life?

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A woman's hands holding a handful of gold-foil-wrapped chocolate eggs

How to Get True Riches

Use well the gifts of God, not primarily for your own benefit, but for the benefit of others.

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A young woman giving food to a young homeless man with a sign reading "Happy happy holidays today is my 26 birthday"

A Curious Encouragement to be Generous

Jesus encourages us to use well the resources God has entrusted to us.

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A wooden statue of Joseph holding toddler Jesus

The Bible and Your Body: Part 2

The Incarnation of the Word of God strongly affirms the fundamental goodness of creation, including human bodies.

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A young father holding a toddler and a baby

The Prodigal Father Once Again

God seeks us out and invites us home no matter the nature of our lostness.

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A young man sitting in the middle of a field with his head in his hands

The Other Lost Son

Sometimes those of us who are “good” and “religious” can be as lost as those upon whom we look down.

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A young woman walking through the desert

Have You Been Found?

Christian faith is less a matter of finding God and more an experience of being found by God.

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A smiling man holding his happy young son

The Prodigal Father

The parable of Jesus we know as “The Prodigal Son” could actually be called “The Prodigal Father.”

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An Example of Coming to Yourself

Sometimes we can be “lost” without knowing it.

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A man sitting on a city street with his hand over his face

The Lost Son Came to Himself

It can be hard and painful to see ourselves as we really are.

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