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Where Should You Focus?

Jesus said it was fine to care about religious rituals, but not if that meant neglecting things like God’s love and justice.

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Someone washing their hands under running water

True Purity

Sometimes we get so obsessed with how others see us that we fail to pay attention to our hearts.

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A Superman toy flying through the air

Eyes Like Superman

According to Jesus, our “eyes” allow the light of God’s truth to enter our souls. And our “eyes,” through our words and actions, can shine the light of God into the world.

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A little boy in a large bed reading a very old, beaten-up King James Version Bible

True Blessedness

If we want to be blessed, we need to hear and do God’s word.

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An artist's rendition of a tornado against an orange sky, destroying a house.

The Finger of God

Wherever God is at work – both in obvious miracles and in daily blessings and empowerments – God is ruling.

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A scorpion in a fish tank under UV light, making it glow aqua

God Gives Good Gifts

When we ask God for things in prayer, God does not give us that which will hurt us.

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A crowd of people praying, with the focus on a young girl in the front

Ask, and It Will Be Given to You

When it seems that God isn’t responding, we’re urged to ask and keep on asking, search and keep on search, knock and keep on knocking.

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Three loaves of artisan bread and some dried wheat

Praying with Shameless Audacity

In Luke 11, Jesus tells a story that encourages us to pray boldly, and not just boldly, but with shameless audacity.

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Praying Like Jesus:
And Do Not Bring Us Into the Time of Trial

Jesus taught his first followers to pray, “And do not bring us to the time of trial or temptation.”

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Scrabble tiles spelling out "Let Go Let God"

Praying Like Jesus:
For We Ourselves Forgive Everyone Indebted to Us

Forgiving those you have hurt you can feel risky.

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Scrabble tiles spelling out "Please forgive me"

Praying Like Jesus: Forgive Us Our Sins

In teaching us how to pray, Jesus includes an essential element, “And forgive us our sins” (Luke 11:4).

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A large loaf of artisan bread

Praying Like Jesus: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Jesus taught us to pray “Give us this day our daily bread.” When we pray in this way, we are set free from the pretense that we are fully self-sufficient.

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A gold crown with a river and the skyline of Stockholm behind it

Praying Like Jesus: Your Kingdom Come

Jesus taught us to pray “thy kingdom come.” When we do this, we are asking for God to come fully in just the right time in the future and reign over all the earth.

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A large fire burning brightly

Praying Like Jesus: Hallowed Be Your Name

“Hallowed be thy name” can feel familiar, but do we really know what we’re saying when we utter this prayer?

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A man holding and kissing his young son

Praying Like Jesus: Father

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus teaches his followers to pray to God as Father. This simple address was unprecedented in the time of Jesus.

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