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the backs of businessmen walking down the street

Prayers for Workers: When Others Do Better Financially Than We Do

Live today for what matters most in life.

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Prayers for Workers: God’s Greatness and Human Work

Let the greatness of God inspire your work. Let your work extol the greatness of God. 

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A man playing a trumpet in a field

Prayers for Workers: Praise to the King of All the Earth

God is the rightful King over all, including your work and workplace. 

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A person covered by an umbrella at night

Prayers for Workers: When Fear Rises Up in Your Heart

As you work today, God is indeed your refuge and strength. Don’t be afraid! 

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Prayers for Workers: How to Pray for Your Leadership

As you lead today, let your leadership be characterized by truthfulness, humility, and a commitment to justice.

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A morning mug on a table in front of a bed

Prayers for Workers: Wake Up, Lord!

You can be fully honest with God. Don’t hold back!

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Sunlight bursting through the darkness of Tree tops

Prayers for Workers: Hoping in God

Put your hope in God, even at work.

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A full glass of water

Prayers for Workers: Longing for God

God is present in your place of work. You can meet God right there.

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Black and white image of water falling on to an open palm

Prayers for Workers: On Integrity

As you seek to work with integrity, God will hold onto you and make his presence known to you. 

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A drop of water

Prayers for Workers: Asking for Patience

It can be hard to wait patiently on the Lord, but when we do, God draws us near to his heart. (Inspired by Psalm 40:1-2)

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Sweet honey in a jar

Prayers for Workers: Keep My Tongue from Sin

Your words matter. Speak the truth in love. 

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Black and white image of a person running

Prayers for Workers: Sharing Your Longings with God

I long for work that matters. Not that everything I do has to save the world. But I want, in some small way, to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Black and white image of a swan sitting on still waters

Prayers for Workers: Waiting Patiently for the Lord

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him (Psalm 37:7).

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A black and white image of woman's hands holding a cross

Prayers for Workers: Trusting in God

You can trust in God because God is trustworthy.

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Three people sitting on hay while looking up at the stars

Prayers for Workers: The Glory of God’s Work

As you work today, you are reflecting the image of God, the first and best worker.

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