Category: Third Third Flourishing

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I appreciate the thoughtfulness of how this Third Third Cohort is designed. It leads me to think through what a flourishing “retirement” life may…

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The Flourishing cohort has been an excellent reflection opportunity. The simple and thought-provoking exercises and conversations challenged my thinking about my relationships, attitude, and…

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In a culture that attaches so much hopelessness and inevitability to the negative aspects of aging, it was incredibly heartening to discover the biblical…

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Through my 3/3 cohort I gained a community of positive regard. Not only did we exchange thoughts on who God is calling us to…

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The Third Third Flourishing Cohort was an excellent opportunity to explore with fellow travelers what it means to flourish in the third third of…

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For me, I think what was most impactful, was the affirmation of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. The cohort helped to both…

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