This book matters.

April 12, 2021 •

Make Work Matter is a book that, like your work, matters.  I have been working, teaching, and advocating for a deeper and broader integration of faith and work in hopes of a fuller realization of God’s invitation to participate in the ongoing incarnation through our work for over four decades. Happily, Michaela O’Donnell of Fuller Seminary’s De Pree Center is one of my favorite and most trusted colleagues in this mission.  Michaela is a practitioner and a doer – as am I.  She’s not your typical academic or “thought leader”. She’s worked.  She’s built businesses, careers, and a life.  She just happens to be attentive enough to what has and hasn’t been helpful in her practice to have also become a brilliant teacher and communicator.  This book goes the next step beyond the many books now espousing good ideas about the sacred value of good work and moves into how to actively discern, find, and do it. The pursuit of good work takes work – and this book is a powerful tool to focus your labors and ease the challenge of that worthy pursuit. I recommend it heartily.