Third Third Journal

Don’t Let the Negative Narratives Keep You From Flourishing

People in the third third of life have prodigious potential for flourishing, that is, for experiencing personal well-being while making a meaningful difference in…

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We Still Need the Power of Purpose in a Pandemic

Just over a year ago the De Pree Center’s Third Third Initiative hosted a Zoom webinar called The Power of Purpose in a Pandemic….

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Is Retirement Good for You? Or Not?

A few weeks ago I started to wonder: Is retirement good for you? Are retired people healthier? Happier? Do those who retire live better,…

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Retirement in the Bible? Some New Thoughts and Encouragements

If you Google on “retirement” and “Bible,” you’ll find some folks who say “There is no retirement in the Bible.” Alongside this claim they’ll…

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The Paradox of Purpose in the Third Third of Life

A few months ago I wrote an article for the De Pree Center’s Third Third Journal called “Purpose is Key to Third Third Flourishing.”…

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Looking Back on Blessings
and Looking Ahead to New Opportunities:
An Interview with Elizabeth Smith

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Smith who has an amazing “third third” story. I’m excited to be able to share this…

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