Third Third Journal

How the Christmas Story Encourages Older Adults

I’m writing during the final days of Christmastide 2021-2022. In this season of the year, I’m continuing to reflect on the significance of the…

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Webinar: Aging Faithfully with Alice Fryling

Mark Roberts will be interviewing Alice about her brand-new book, Aging Faithfully: The Holy Invitation of Growing Older.

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A Letter from Mark Roberts to Our Third Third Friends

Dear Third Third Friends, I’m writing this letter for two reasons. First, I want to thank you. Second, I’d like to ask for your…

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The Smells of Christmas and Third Third Flourishing

One of the very best things about Christmas is the smells. Yes, it’s wonderful to celebrate the birth of Jesus. That’s the main thing….

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Gratitude and Third Third Flourishing:
New Studies and Striking Implications

Introduction In March 2020 I wrote an article called “Gratitude and Lifelong Flourishing.” You can find it in the Third Third Journal of the…

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Don’t Let the Negative Narratives Keep You From Flourishing

People in the third third of life have prodigious potential for flourishing, that is, for experiencing personal well-being while making a meaningful difference in…

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