Third Third Journal

Expanding Our Intergenerational Horizons

Recently, the De Pree Center hosted a fascinating webinar with three experts in intergenerational collaboration. I greatly enjoyed interviewing Eunice Lin Nichols, Raymond Jetson,…

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Why It Was Great for Me, a 63-Year-Old, to See Godzilla vs. Kong

Yesterday evening I saw the recently released film Godzilla vs. Kong. If you’re not familiar with this particular movie, you can probably imagine what…

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Webinar: Purposeful Retirement:
Live Well as You Make a Difference that Matters

Do you want retirement to be filled with purpose? 

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Webinar: Intergenerational Collaboration:
A Key to Third Third Flourishing and Transformed Communities

The De Pree Center is excited to host a webinar with three people who are doing innovative work bringing generations together.

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How to Live Forever – A Review of the Book by Marc Freedman

I know what you might be thinking: “Mark, I can’t believe you’ve stooped this low! You’re reviewing a book about how to live forever?!…

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Keep On Keepin’ On – A Review

To be honest, I don’t watch many documentaries. When I find enough time to view a whole film, I prefer something fictional, something into…

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