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Thank you for participating in the Flourishing in the Third Third of Life course, co-sponsored by Highland Park Presbyterian Church and the Max De Pree Center for Leadership. We appreciate your willingness to fill out this brief evaluation form. As you will recall, the course had the following structure:

  • Section 1 – Flourishing: God’s Promise for Your Third Third
  • Section 2 – Relationships! Relationships! Relationships!
  • Section 3 – Health: Stewarding the Gift of Your Body
  • Section 4 – Remembering and Gratitude: Renewing Mind and Body
  • Section 5 – Purpose and Calling: Living Beyond Yourself
  • Section 6 – Rooted in God: The Basis of Flourishing

We like to get your feedback about the course in general, the lectures, the small groups, and the workbook. As you’ll see, we are very interested in what was helpful to you personally, as well as what was not so helpful. Plus we’re interested in any suggestions you might have about this course and/or future courses.

If you would like to contact Mark Roberts personally, you can email him by clicking here. If you’re interested in the De Pree Center’s Third Third resources, click here. 

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How many sections of the course did you attend (in person or by Zoom)?
Which section(s) did you find especially helpful?
Which section(s) did you find the least helpful?
Were the lectures too long, too short, or just about right?
What is your age?
What is your gender?
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