About the Survey

De Pree Center is beginning a new initiative for people in or approaching the “third third” of life. In order to serve individuals, families, communities, and churches well, we want to learn more about the experiences, feelings, thoughts, concerns, pains, and hopes of people in or entering the third third. We’d also like to receive suggestions for our future work.

The following survey will allow us to learn from you and your wisdom. (If you would like to share more with us than the survey requests, please email us at: connect@depree.org.) It will take you about 5-7 minutes to fill out this survey.

Thanks for your help with this!

Third Third Survey

  • Contact & Demographic Info

  • Please enter a number from 1910 to 2020.
  • This can be before retirement and/or what you're currently up to.
  • Third Third Questions

  • You can choose more than one. If you have others, please enter them in the next question.
  • Everything Else

  • This would entail getting interviewed via Zoom by a member of the De Pree Center staff.

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