Webinar: Living on the Encore Curve

January 26, 2021 • Third Third Journal, Webinar

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This webinar was sponsored by Fuller’s De Pree Center and was recorded on Wednesday, February 4th, 2021 at 11AM (PT) via Zoom. You can watch the YouTube recording now.

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As we move into the third third of life, we undergo a shift in activity and purpose. For many, this shift involves some form of retirement. It comes after a lifetime of learning, growth, and making a difference in the world. The danger is that this shift point can cause many people to spiral into a Decline Curve where their future looks smaller than their past, their zest for life diminishes, and they simply fade into insignificance.

According to Andy Raub, “We only have so much time to get this transition right, and I want to make sure that people avoid wasting their most healthy post-work years searching for an answer that they can have right now.” Andy envisions a different future for folks in the third third of life. Rather than riding downhill in the Decline Curve, we can move upward on what Andy calls the Encore Curve. We can live with renewed purpose, impact, and joy as we discover the new opportunities God has for us.

The Third Third Initiative of the De Pree Center is excited to invite you to a webinar conversation with Andy Raub, hosted by Mark Roberts. Mark says, “Andy has great insight into what it means to live on what he calls the ‘Encore Curve.’ Through his writings, workshops, and advising, Andy has helped hundreds of people flourish in the third third of life. I’m eager to expose folks to Andy and his vision of the ‘Encore Curve.’”

About Our Speakers

Andy Raub is Financial Advisor and Managing Director at Raub Capital Management, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., in Dallas, Texas. He is also a life-coach, sought-after speaker and Bible teacher. Andy has written The Encore Curve: Retire with a Life Plan that Excites You, where he lays out his vision of thriving after retirement. Alongside this book, Andy hosts The Encore Curve website, where you can find many of his articles as well as information about The Encore Curve workshops. Andy is also the Director of Generosity at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas. He has been married to Jean for 53 years. They have five grandchildren; three in college, one is a high school senior and a four-and-a-half year-old who keeps everyone hopping.

Mark Roberts is the Executive Director of Fuller’s Max De Pree Center for Leadership. Mark has written eight books, dozens of articles, and over 2,500 devotions that help people discover the difference God makes in their daily life and leadership. As a key part of his work with the De Pree Center, Mark is the strategic and content lead for the Flourishing in the Third Third of Life Initiative. He is married to Linda, a marriage and family counselor, spiritual director, and executive coach. Their two grown children are educators on the high school and college level.

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