Resources for Women Leaders

About this Initiative

We have been curating a collection of resources, events, and other offerings for women on a mission, those who are charting their own course. You can learn more below.

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Products & Experiences

Women Professional Cohorts

Product Type: Cohort
Price: $500/participant

This cohort is meant for women professionals: those who seek wholeness between their everyday lives, their careers, and their callings.


1 on 1 Coaching
Price: $400 for 4-sessions

Gain professional mentorship, develop your skills, grow in discernment around next steps, and kickstart your ideas all alongside a professional coach.

Online Course:
Overcoming Inequality–Women at Work

Online Course by Michaela O’Donnell Long

It’s time for women to be at the table where God calls them to sit.

Curated Resources

She Is: Biblical Reflections on Vocation

A Workbook edited by Michaela O’Donnell Long

This workbook is designed to help people engage questions of vocation through the stories of various biblical women.

A Seat at the Table

A Workbook by Michaela O’Donnell Long

Too often, women are enculturated to “set the table” rather than “sit at the table” in their work. We believe it’s time for women to be at the table where God calls them to sit.

Ruth the Faithful: A Survival Story

Article by Meggie Anderson

The Church’s collective stories are filled with migration or movement for the sake of survival. We see God’s faithfulness prevail through these human acts of perseverance.

Below the Glass Ceiling

Article by Tiffany Castro-Tremblay

Feeling invisible in the workplace because you are a woman is painful. It can make you feel isolated and in doubt about your abilities. Yet God never forgets us, and he always sees us.

Women & Men Leading Together

Article by Mark D. Roberts

Christians have the extraordinary opportunity and obligation to embody shared labor and leadership between women and men in our workplaces, churches, and families.

Overcoming the Challenges of Working Women

Devotion by Theology of Work Project

What biblical wisdom can women draw from to meet today’s workplace challenges?


Are Women and their Work overlooked in our congregations?

Article by Made to Flourish

Since more than half of our congregations are women, how are we pastors supporting them and their work?