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Tom England

The Go The Distance cohort was very helpful in envisioning a shalom-shaped future. It is a powerful look into how God is leading and…

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Alex Staup

When I started the Go the Distance, I found myself tired, weary, and on the edge of burnout – both professionally and personally. Thanks…

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Jen Morgan

As a new Fuller student, wife, and mom of a busy teenager, I signed up for the Go the Distance cohort, because I believed…

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I appreciate the thoughtfulness of how this Third Third Cohort is designed. It leads me to think through what a flourishing “retirement” life may…

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The Flourishing cohort has been an excellent reflection opportunity. The simple and thought-provoking exercises and conversations challenged my thinking about my relationships, attitude, and…

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In a culture that attaches so much hopelessness and inevitability to the negative aspects of aging, it was incredibly heartening to discover the biblical…

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Through my 3/3 cohort I gained a community of positive regard. Not only did we exchange thoughts on who God is calling us to…

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The Third Third Flourishing Cohort was an excellent opportunity to explore with fellow travelers what it means to flourish in the third third of…

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For me, I think what was most impactful, was the affirmation of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. The cohort helped to both…

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This book matters.

Make Work Matter is a book that, like your work, matters.  I have been working, teaching, and advocating for a deeper and broader integration…

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A journey of understanding your work with God at the center.

As a fellow laborer in the faith and work space with Michaela, I wanted to cheer out loud when I read her book, because…

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You will come back to this book again and again.

This is one of those books that end up dog-eared, coffee-stained, and filled with scribbles in the margins. In the whitewater of a rapidly…

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Luke Bobo

A blueprint for 25-45 year old working Christians.

With the compassion of a doting shepherd and the precision of a practical theologian and the discerning eye of a cultural exegete, Dr. Michaela…

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Roy Goble

This book is just plain helpful.

Honestly, there aren’t many people who can actually help you make your work matter. A challenge like that requires a blend of theory, theology,…

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Michaela understands the delicate intersection of our work and our calling.

In Make Work Matter, Michaela O’Donnell helps us understand the delicate intersection of our work and our calling. Through interviews of others who have…

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