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Hope is Born: An Advent Journal for Waiting & Working

In the last days of November, as fall gives way to winter, many people in the West radically orient their lives around Christmas. As Christians, we make an honest effort to keep Christ central in all of it. Yet, oftentimes the peace of the Christ child seems unattainable. At best, our traditions and celebrations can numb the pain. But what we truly need is something altogether different. What we need is hope. 

This Advent, we want to attend to the promise that God has for us in our work. Together, we will turn to passages of Scripture that echo our groans and remind us of our hope. Through an adaptation of the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, we will read or listen to passages of Scripture, reflect on them, ask God for wisdom and understanding, and respond to God’s invitation to us.

We’ve developed this journal to help us engage in this practice each day. For the next four weeks, let’s lean into the Word of God. Let’s listen for the gentle voice of God’s Spirit. Let’s pay attention to how God can meet us in the midst of our pain, grief, and longing. And let’s see how hope is born in our hearts.

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What's Inside?

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This journal guides you through the 28 days of Advent (plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) with a Lectio Divina-esque outline, prompting you to read, reflect, request, and respond while following a Bible reading plan 

We have also developed a few companion resources for the Advent journal:

Click here to download an easily printable worksheet to record your thoughts as you go through the journal.

Click here to download a printable grid where you can record the words or phrases that arise as you go through the journal. This could serve as a great tool for reflection and preparing for the coming new year.

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About the Bible Reading Plan

The Scripture passages we’ve selected follow the Revised Common Lectionary. The lectionary contains four passages for each week of Advent. For the fifth passage for each week, we’ve selected alternate passages prescribed by the lectionary or passages from the Christmas season that focus on the second coming of Jesus.

The reading plan is also available on the Dwell Bible reading app through a premium subscription. The Dwell app allows you to listen to the Scriptures (in a variety of ways and translations). Upon downloading Hope is Born, you will receive a discount code for a year's subscription to Dwell!  

Click here to download the Advent reading plan in an easily printable bookmark format!   

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