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Two men sitting on benches, one wealthy and one homeless

Poor Man Lazarus

You cannot serve God and money. You can, however, serve God and other people—sometimes with money, sometimes without. But don’t be too quick to assume that it’s without.

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A sign on a pile of pocket change reading "Love > Money"

The Root of All Evil

We may find ourselves loving money because money buys security. And security may make us think we are the ones who made ourselves secure, rather than the One to whom we owe everything.

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A reindeer in a stream

Workday Prayers: Celebrating God’s Work

God’s work satisfies us, fills us, nourishes us.

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A group of people practicing martial arts with a teacher looking on

Being Dedicated to God

As “dedicated ones,” called by God into relationship with God and living for God’s purposes, we are to grow in our dedication.

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A historic photo of Abraham Lincoln speaking at Gettysburg

The Case for Dedication

Sometimes theological language can be confusing. What does holiness really mean? And sanctification?

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An image from the Webb Telescope of many stars and galaxies

Yes, You Can Please God!

When we live by God’s guidance and for God’s glory, when we use well the gifts God has given us, then God is pleased. Yes, you can please the God who created the universe.

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A woman giving money to a homeless man

An Unexpected Result of Loving

How can we become more like God? There are many answers to this question, of course. But 1 Thessalonians 3 shows that one way we become more like God is by becoming more loving to others. As God makes us increase and abound in love, our hearts become more and more like the heart of God.

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A person fishing in a river

Restoration in Rest

Constant work not only exhausts us, but it exhausts the world around us. It is consumptive. When we choose to build in rhythms of rest and delight, we give those around us and the earth itself a break from our demands.

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People rushing up and down the stairs of a building

“Are You Keeping Busy?”

Our culture idolizes and rewards busyness. Although work is a good part of God’s plan for humankind, God does not intend us to be constantly busy. Instead, he invites us to daily, weekly, and seasonal times of rest. Choosing to build rest into the rhythms of our lives is one of the most important steps of faith we can take.

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The hands of a carpenter working at a lathe

Workday Prayers: Bless the Lord Through Your Work

You can bless the Lord today through your works.

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Mark Roberts' mom coming out of a tent

Learning to Love from Others

God teaches us how to love in various ways. One of the main ones is through the example and inspiration of others. As we see people loving actively, even sacrificially, we will be led to imitate their actions. At the same time, when we act in love toward people, we will model love for others as well.

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A man with a bookbag and a cat kneeling down and talking to another man with a sign that says "Homeless"

Are You Growing in Love for Others?

How can we grow in love for others? There are many answers to this question, of course. The Bible shows us that God helps us to “increase and abound” in love for people. Often this happens as the Spirit points us to someone in need of love and helps us to know how best to love that person.

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