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And Then, Back to Reality

If you’re confronting the tough reality of life today, whether in your work or in your relationships, in your neighborhood or in the wider world, remember, Jesus understands.

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A sunrise over the California countryside

A Glimpse of Glory

The disciples of Jesus were able to catch a glimpse of his heavenly glory.

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A Spanish-language Bible next to a candle for reading

Good News

In Mark 1, Jesus states his core message: the kingdom of God has come; repent and believe in this good news.

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A sunset seen through the windows of a plane

Some Days

We pray and long for Jesus’s final coming, and our final gathering around that great banquet table in the New Jerusalem, but we are also empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out Christ’s Kingdom daily.

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A derelict trailer at night with red lights coming from inside the windows

Workday Prayers: When Goodness is Gone from Work

Evil is real and pervasive. God is real and pervasive . . . and the Savior who is on our side.

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A collection of road signs, focusing on those that say "Road Closed" and "Wrong Way" and "No Left Turn"

Did Jesus Get It Wrong?

We can see the kingdom of God right now, even as we look forward to seeing the glorious kingdom in the future.

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A figure of a man sitting on top of a pile of coins

Do You Want to Be the Richest Person in the World?

Jesus warns us about caring so much for this world that we lose ourselves in the process.

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The ruins of the Roman Colosseum at night

Where Did Jesus Get His Shocking Vision?

Jesus’s vision of his messianic work was truly radical, truly shocking.

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A separating wall with a cross on it.

The Shocking Way of Jesus

Sometimes, we can become so comfortable with our notion of Jesus that stop growing in our relationship with him.

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a black rotary telephone on a red wooden wall

Samuel’s Call to Speak

Everybody wants the power and agency to speak. Not everyone knows how to temper the way we speak with humility.

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a woman sitting at the end of a dock looking at the water

Hannah’s Lamentation

The God of heaven hears the voices of the unheard.

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Olives hanging from a branch

Workday Prayers: Where Do You Put Your Trust?

O God, help me to put my trust in you, always and forever.

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