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A sign that says "Give thanks and eat pie" with an image of pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving Invitation

Why not think of this as Thanksgiving Week? Take time each day to thank God for his good gifts.

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Two goats on a hillside


“Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”

May it be so for us.

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A herd of sheep, with one looking directly at the camera


What does it mean for Christ to be our King? One thing it means is not to behave like the false shepherds of Ezekiel 34.

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A single tree growing in the middle of a desert

Why Lead at All?

Leadership is hard.  But finding the motivation for enduring when it is particularly challenging is a key to forming resilience. 

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A close-up of water at a beach

Grounded for Good

Leadership is hard.  And because it’s hard, sometimes we are particularly hard on ourselves when things don’t go well.

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A woman holding up her hands in worship

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Awe, Worship, and Witness

People responded to Jesus in a wide variety of ways.

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A young child hugging a grandmother

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Grateful Adoration

In Luke 7 a woman expresses love for Jesus in an extravagant, vulnerable, and even scandalous way.

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A young woman looking up with a questioning expression

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Asking Questions

We respond to Jesus in different ways. Some reject him outright. Others are quickly drawn to follow him. Still others are intrigued and curious.

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An open Bible and a coffee cup that says "Be still and know that I am God"


I love that the source of peace is God: “the peace of God”.

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The word "Thankful" surrounded by images of fall


Gratitude may give us the grace to grow.

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Dr. MLK Jr. and others during the March on Washington

Resisting a Failure of Heart

Leadership is hard. Actually, what is really hard—we are learning—is leading people in times of uncertainty.

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A man shouting at another man while a group of onlookers film them

The True Test of Leadership

The real test of leadership is not the challenges that we face outside our organizations, but the resistance to the changes necessary to face that challenge inside the organization.

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