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A rock climber climbing the side of a mountain

Workday Prayers: Remembering God’s Deliverance

When we look back upon our work lives, we see so many ways that God has been present, helpful, and redemptive.

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A mother holding a newborn baby

Labor of Love

Love isn’t always a matter of sweetness and romance. Often, genuine love leads to labor, a difficult and even painful action.

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Someone's hands as they sit near a laptop and talk

Work of Faith

Genuine faith isn’t just something inside. It is expressed in action, in words and deeds, even in our daily work.

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Encouragement to Share Your Thanks with Others

When we share our thanks for people with those people, it encourages them. It strengthens our relationships.

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Graffiti that says "Each day that I wake I give thanks"

Encouragement to Be Thankful

The Apostle Paul and his colleagues consistently thanked God for the Christians in Thessalonica. Their example encourages us to give thanks on a regular basis for the people who matter to us.

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An ceramic ornament of a dove lying on a wooden counter

The Peace of Christ

No matter how dark it gets—even up to and including death itself—the peace of Christ is available to us, given anew over and over again by the Holy Spirit.

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A tree by a river in the city of Bruges, Belgium

Healing for All

All that has been broken and hurt will be healed.

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Horseshoe Falls at Niagara

Workday Prayers: More Majestic Than the Mighty Waters

God’s majesty and might are incomparably staggering.

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The words "Peace on Earth" written in chalk on a sidewalk

Grace to You and Peace . . . Really

New Testament letters often begin with the salutation, “Grace to you and peace.”

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Lawmakers meeting in the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian parliament in Rome

When the Church Is Not the Church

The biblical use of ekklēsia reminds us that our churches are not to be self-contained and self-absorbed groups of Christians. Rather, we’re to be assemblies of God’s authorized people who bring the good news, peace, and justice of God to the places where we live.

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Two people shaking hands

A Vision of Shared Leadership

Shared leadership is sometimes frowned upon. It can surely be more complicated than one-person leadership. But it can also be more fruitful, at least in many situations.

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Signs behind a chain-link fence that say "DON'T GIVE UP," "YOU ARE NOT ALONE," "YOU MATTER"

Do You Need Some Encouragement Today?

Do you need some encouragement today? It’s quite likely that you do, especially given all of the discouraging aspects of life in 2022.

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