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A man with open arms standing in front of a double rainbow and a waterfall

Living Fully, Living Gratefully: An Invitation

Do you ever feel as if there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing? Perhaps you’re feeling unfulfilled at work or in your primary relationships. It seems like things ought to be better. Or, even if you’re thriving most of the time, you have a sense that your life could be richer and fuller . . . somehow.

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Work in Alpine Fields, photograph by Steve Garber

Leadership Prayers – Psalm 144

God has called us to the work of leadership and is engaged with us as we do it, but to what end?  What is the purpose of our being leaders in the first place?  In contrast to seeing the leader as being the exclusive beneficiary of God’s attention and deliverance, the psalmist shifts the focus onto the people and places under the leader’s care. 

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Shimei Curses David, 1860 Woodcut by Julius Schnoor von Karolsfeld

Leadership Prayers – Psalm 143

How then do we deal with the consequences of our own moral failures in leadership?  How can we pray when our circumstances implicate us in our sin?

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A person covered by an umbrella at night

Prayers for Workers: When Fear Rises Up in Your Heart

As you work today, God is indeed your refuge and strength. Don’t be afraid! 

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a boy collecting water from river with his bucket

God Can Do More Than You Imagine! (Part 2)

Over the past couple of years, I’ve heard from many of you about the things God has been doing in your lives. You’ve testified to the reality of God’s indwelling power. I wish we could somehow gather all Life for Leaders readers together so we could share all that God has done. But it would be hard to sit down with 7,500 people at a time. And listening to everyone share would take a long time. So we don’t get to hear how God has been at work in each other’s lives. We have to take it on faith.

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A view of the sunset horizon from above the clouds

Grace and Love that Never Go Away

This letter began with God choosing us before the foundation of the world (1:4). It ends with the hope of an endless, undying, incorruptible future, one that is indeed filled with God’s grace for us and our love for Christ.

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