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A woman holding a large coin to the camera

Give to God the Things that are God’s

What would it mean for us to give to God the things that are God’s?

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Sandro Botticelli, The Temptation of Christ - 1480-1482

Leadership Temptations: What Does Success Look Like?

It’s easy to focus on spectacular progress and dramatic results.

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Christ in the Wilderness - Ivan Kramskoy - 1872

Leadership Temptations: Whom Do You Trust?

Learning to trust God unreservedly is the first task (and test) of leadership.

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A vineyard with a large pile of grapes, and workers in the background

God’s Persistent Grace

Even when we reject God, he pursues us, reaching out again and again. In this season of Lent, may we receive God’s grace with open hearts.

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The Hamburg Port Authority building

By What Authority Are You Living?

How might you respond if someone were to ask, “By what authority are you living?”

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Two women listening avidly to a speaker

Hanging on to Every Word of Jesus

People responded to Jesus in a wide variety of ways.

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A little boy peering through the railing of a staircase

Are You Hiding from God?

Religious people sometimes let their religion serve as a kind of hideout, a place of safety from accountability, maybe even a place to hide from God.

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The Roman Colosseum

Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

May our hearts be touched by the heart of Jesus during this season of Lent.

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People raising their hands to worship in front of a sign that says Jesus

El Verbo Among Us

Every translation is an interpretation.

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A wine carafe on a table next to water bottles at a wedding banquet

Empty Water Jars

What is easier to say: Fill the jars with water, or Bring your empty water jars?

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Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Welcoming King Jesus

How will we welcome King Jesus today?

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A man with his hands over his face

Confronting Our Fears

What keeps you back from serving God fully and freely? In many cases, the answer is fear.

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