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Slot Stolzenfels castle on the side of a high snowy mountain in Germany

Workday Prayers:
Praising God, Your Strength and Fortress

In all things, God loves us with a love that that is stronger than anything that would seek to hurt us.

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Two men hugging at church

Called to Peace in Relationships

God’s peace is inseparable from his justice and righteousness.

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A number of people kneeling to pray in a large open field in front of a stage

The Surprise of God’s Calling

God doesn’t call us to belong to him because of our accomplishments, our strength, our reputation, or our influence.

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A number of gravestones

Called to Believe the Good News

God helps us to believe the good news that appears to some to be folly.

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A cup of black coffee and a box of muffins

Called into the Fellowship of Christ

As we enter into a deep relationship with Christ, we become members of his family along with our sisters and brothers in Christ.

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Rolled tacos with salsa verde

Peace and Fish

Jesus longs to give you his presence, his peace and a piece of food for your deepest hunger.

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I don’t know about you, but this year I experienced resurrection in a drastically different way than any year prior.

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A protestor holding out a sign that says "Do not wait for leaders - become them"

Workday Prayers: When Leaders are Wrong

Are we honoring God in every decision we make?

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Called by a Faithful God

Sometimes God’s call on our lives can feel scary.

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A Zoom meeting open on a computer

Called Together

Together, we help each other to hear and respond to our particular callings in life.

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Called to Be God’s Special People

Every Christian has a calling from God.

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Three young women praying over another young woman

Calling Isn’t Just for Religious Leaders

Scripture makes it abundantly clear that all believers in Jesus have been called by God.

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