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A basket full of many different kinds of bread and a few stems of wheat, with a salt and pepper shaker nearby

When Alan Ate Our Sins

Was it a miracle?

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A man standing in a forest opening his arms to brilliant sunlight

God is Extravagant

Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesus is extravagant.

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Two young men sitting and talking at a coffeeshop

Workday Prayers: Sharing Your Faith at Work

Our workplace is, for many of us, the place where we interact most often with people who are not Christians.

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A large field with a number of hay bales

Be Rich Toward God

Jesus tells us to be on guard against greed. Real life does not consist of the abundance of possessions.

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A group of people sitting around a coffeeshop table working on computers

The Holy Spirit Will Teach You

Jesus promised to his first disciples that when they were put on trial for following him, the Holy Spirit would teach them what to say.

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Knowing How Much God Loves You

The same God who cares even about each sparrow knows and loves us more than we’ll ever fully understand.

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A number of goldfinches on Mark Roberts' birdfeeder

God Knows You and Values You

In the first century A.D., sparrows were a dime a dozen. Yet, according to Jesus, God knows and values sparrows.

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A green leafy bush in sunlight

Following the Example of Paul in Athens

Listening to those with whom we disagree rather than being dismissive—and listening with the goal of understanding rather than merely arguing—can help us as we seek to understand and love those around us.

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The Acropolis on top of Areopagus Hill in Greece

Building Bridges to a Secular Culture

It’s easy to ridicule those who have a different religious, moral, or even political viewpoint than we have, using derogatory or dismissive terms for those we disagree with.

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Scrabble tiles spelling out "DO IT NOW"

Workday Prayers: O Lord, Do Not Delay!

God’s timing can be puzzling, even frustrating.

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A key lying on the ground in the dirt and weeds

Woe to Whom?

Whether we’re pastors, seminary professors, parents, or members of a small group, we have the responsibility of personally knowing God and faithfully helping others to know God in truth.

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Where Should You Focus?

Jesus said it was fine to care about religious rituals, but not if that meant neglecting things like God’s love and justice.

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