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Lent: A Time of Preparation and Growing Closer to God

What is Lent? Why does it matter? What might I do – or not do – to observe Lent? Introduction to Lent Growing up…

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Purpose is Key to Third Third Flourishing

We often think of finding a purpose in life as something young adults need to do. It’s crucial for folks in their late teens…

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Statue of Mary and baby Jesus

What is God Birthing in You?

If you’re anything like me, this particular holiday season has felt both quieter and also somehow louder. Quieter because there’s not as much to…

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Staying Relational in Stressful Moments, Part 2

Staying relational in the middle of stress, chaos, and conflict can help us access significant resources for working through problems and stress.

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Staying Relational in Stressful Moments, Part 1

It is an understatement to say this year has brought more than its share of stressful moments.

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Practices for Growth, Part Two: Lean In and Let Go

This is part two in a series on Practices for Growth, find the first part here. It’s been a year of waiting. Waiting for…

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