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Man feeling disappointed at work

What To Do When Work Disappoints

It’s not uncommon to experience disappointment at work. In fact, sometimes work can breaks our hearts. How can we handle the grief? 

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Alongside Mentoring Class

Alongside is a four-week class designed for individuals who are interested in becoming a mentor. Join us for our beta test class this fall. 

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Two people discussing their mentoring relationship

Four Questions That Could Improve Your Mentoring Relationship

Here are four questions you could ask at your next mentoring meeting to evaluate and potentially improve your mentoring relationship.

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What To Do with Burnout

It’s then that we start talking about what’s really going on and just how hard work and life really are. Some talk about their bosses. Others want to quit. More and more use the B-word.


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Ongoing Mission and Transitions at De Pree Center

Wayne Park has become promoted to Chancellor of Fuller Texas! W. Ryan Gutierrez has joined us in the role of Program Specialist. Meryl Herr, our Senior Researcher, has transitioned from part-time to full-time work at De Pree Center. 

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Giving Day – 2022

One of my favorite parts about my job as executive director of the Max De Pree Center is that people regularly invite me into…

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