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De Pree Journal

Journal Articles by various authors

Lots of content to help you respond faithfully to God’s callings in all seasons of your life and leadership.


Podcast by De Pree Center & Theology of Work Project

This podcast invites God into work’s biggest challenges so that you can live out your purpose in the workplace.


Downloadable Workbooks by various authors

To help you consider the particular ways God may be inviting you to live and work in the world.

Church Leadership Initiative

Resources by Tod Bolsinger (principal creator) and others

Learn about the newest initiative for cultivating adaptive change in churches and leaders.

Leading in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger

Resources by Tod Bolsinger

Explore what it means to be adaptive leaders who can go into uncharted territory when everybody has been thrust into it at the same time.

Resources on Innovation by Scott Cormode

Resources by Scott Cormode

Innovation asks: “How do we maintain a solid commitment to the unchanging Christian gospel, while also creating innovative ways to express that gospel to an ever-changing world?”

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