Author: Joy-Ann Wood

Joy-Ann Wood is a Christian who is not ashamed to let the world know that she loves the Lord. As Immediate Past President of the Caribbean Baptist Youth Department (CBYD) of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship, Joy-Ann is driven by the mandate to lead the Caribbean Baptist youth through the challenges of fellow-ship and ministry in the Covid-19. She highlights the successful hosting of the CBYD conference, a hybrid week-long event during summer 2022, in Guyana under the theme Anchored, as a key achievement during her tenure.

A baby being fed a bottle of milk

Growing Strong

As we commence this year, may our main goal be to grow stronger in and with Jesus. May our desire to memorize scripture and spend time basking in His presence grant us a joyful and successful Christian walk, not to be neglected but prioritized.

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Getting Close

Coming near to God brings great benefits, one of which is a greater intimacy to know Him and His ways over our lives. Let us take time this week to get quiet by drawing close to Him to hear his voice and His way.

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