Author: Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Jennifer Woodruff Tait (PhD, Duke University) is the editor of and frequent contributor to Life for Leaders. She is also the managing editor of Christian History magazine and web editor for the Theology of Work Project. She is a priest in the Episcopal Church and an adjunct faculty member at Asbury Theological Seminary. She has written a book of poetry, Histories of Us. Jennifer lives in Berea, Kentucky, with her husband, Edwin, and their two daughters.

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The painting Singing Round the Star on Twelfth Night by Cornelis Troost

God in Flesh Made Manifest

As we hear the stories of Jesus’s miracles and sermons and journeys and friendships and daily life, let us remember that Jesus comes not only to preach, to teach, and to heal—but also to save.

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A river flowing nosiliy through a forest

The Rivers of Woe

Have faith. The Lord Jesus Christ will be with us in the water, and we will not drown.

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The sun coming up over a landscape covered with snow, with one large pine tree


Isaiah’s picture of restoration spoke to the Jerusalem of his own day. But it also speaks to the darkness and confusion and difficulty of ours.

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A red candle burning against a dark background

Walking Towards the Dawn

No matter how dark it seems right now in these longest nights, the Word is with us.

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A person looking into the path of an oncoming storm

Fleeing From the Wrath to Come

We flee from the wrath to come by pursuing holiness of heart and life.

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A book cover that reads "You Are Loved" and has a picture of a cross made out of roses

Is That a Choir I Hear?

On the other side of darkness, Zephaniah promises, there is light.

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A sign on the side of a building that says "Time is Precious"

Soon and Very Soon

Remember that you are always living in the sight of God, operating an outpost of his Kingdom in the middle of the chaos.

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A baptismal shell sitting on the edge of a baptismal font, in front of a stained glass window

Christ Sat Down

Because Jesus made a single offering, because he sat down, we have a beautiful new kind of access to God and can rest in complete assurance of God’s love.

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Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, Heinrich Hofmann

Hold to Christ

Throwing ourselves on God’s grace in the way that Jesus asks requires trust.

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A black and white photo of an old crucifix hanging on a nail

Jesus Knows Our Every Weakness

Our hearts are seen by the Word, our sin exposed, our entire being known.

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A woman in the back of an empty church looking at the altar

The Sunday After Saturday

Taking up our cross, losing our life to save it—these are not fruitless endeavors.

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The 9/11 memorial pool with the NYC landscape behind it

The Saturday After Tuesday

It is worth thinking about all the times Jesus has called us to take up our cross.

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A Communion chalice, a loaf of bread, and a crown of thorns

Bread of Heaven

May you receive the abiding love of Christ, the living bread, as you set out to set right what needs to be set right in your life and in our troubled world.

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Absalom's Pillar, Valley of Jehoshaphat (1839) by David Roberts

A Sad Story

It is very easy to reject the grace of God. It is very hard to accept it.

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A basket full of many different kinds of bread and a few stems of wheat, with a salt and pepper shaker nearby

When Alan Ate Our Sins

Was it a miracle?

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