Michaela O’Donnell featured image

Michaela O’Donnell

Mary and Dale Andringa Executive Director

Meryl Herr featured image

Meryl Herr

Director of Research and Resources

Ryan Gutierrez featured image

Ryan Gutierrez

Director of Operations

Mark D. Roberts featured image

Mark D. Roberts

Senior Strategist

Trish Swords featured image

Trish Swords

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Woodruff Tait featured image

Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Editorial Coordinator

Suzie Sang featured image

Suzie Sang

Research Associate

Chelsea Logan featured image

Chelsea Logan

Content and Production Lead

André Franklin featured image

André Franklin

Partnership & Sales Associate

Raven Carey-James featured image

Raven Carey-James

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Megan Mark featured image

Megan Mark

Graphic Designer

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