Author: Karley Hatter

a woman watching the subway train race past her

Waiting as Power

In the Scriptures, the act of waiting on God was a means to receive God’s strength—it was not a process to inflict fear, pain, or a mentality of lack.

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True Strength & Capability

The pressure we feel to achieve and succeed in culture is real and painful, and our desire to be capable is a beautiful character trait. However, if our desires have not been submitted to God, tested and tried by God, our strength is indeed limited, and what we thought looked like building the kingdom really only served our agendas.

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Do Not Be Afraid

The ambiguity of life is inevitable. We face circumstances and events in our day to day lives that feel like giant mountains, road blocks, and dead ends. Bad things happen to us, our families, and the people we love. Maybe it is a disappointing diagnosis, a rejection, or the end of a job. When bad things happen, we often feel like we have no agency or choice about the matter.

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Why FWE?

A few weeks back, a dear friend and I were gathered around a table eating dinner when she asked me: “Karley, what is FWE?”…

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Practicing Yes: Taking Vocation Step by Step

June 2016: I sat in my cap and gown, sweating, with my teeth clenched. I was about to walk across the stage and receive…

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