Author: Paul Matsushima

Paul Matsushima is the operations manager for Fuller’s De Pree Center for Leadership. He is the author of Thank You Very Mochi, a children’s book about preserving family culture and traditions, and writes for Inheritance Magazine. Paul holds a Master of Theology from Fuller.

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Gaining Margin to Give Back: An Interview with Stephanie Smith

When I interviewed Stephanie Smith – an African American woman in her late 40’s – about her hopes for the coming years in life,…

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Finding Courage as an Artist: An Interview with Roxanne Fulkerson

“I wanted to be a visual artist my whole life, but it took me so long to have the courage to do what I…

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Just Getting Started: Nada Jones’s Story

If you read Nada Jones’s résumé, you’d think she was doing specifically what God placed her upon this earth to do. Her calling, which…

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Bringing Hope and Healing to a Broken World: Rapper Jason Chu’s Story

Ivy League graduate, poet, educator, socially conscious. Rapper, activist, Chinese American. In the popular imagination, many of these identities might not fit together—and yet,…

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A Lifestyle of Work-Life Balance: Sarah Magidoff’s Story

Sarah Magidoff always thought being an architect was her one special calling in life. This desire arose when she was four years old, and…

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