Bible Book: Isaiah

A Christmas tree seen in close-up with a golden ball hanging on it and stockings hung by the fireplace behind it

Where is This Stupendous Stranger?

How could the God who created heaven and earth be the God who lies in a manger? How could our Redeemer be a tiny baby? In fact, how could his being a tiny baby—experiencing everything in life that we experience, yet without sin—be part of what makes him our Redeemer? No matter how many words I say about this marvelous fact, they all fall short of explaining it.

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Someone with dirty hands holding out a handful of grain

God Has Gathered You

In God we have a home and a homeland.

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Neon signs that say "waiting"

Finding Help to Wait on God

God’s nature and actions help us to wait with trust, even when the waiting is hard.

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The Gift of Perfect Peace

God does grant peace to each of us. But perfect peace, peace that is full and complete, will necessarily be something we share with others.

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A table spread with an extensive feast of Indian food

The Banquet of the Future

Someday, the walls between peoples, countries, and cultures will be broken down, and we will share together in the riches of the nations.

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A landfill full of trash

The Tragic Results of a Broken Covenant

One part of that covenant is to care for the earth (Genesis 2:15). When we fail to do this, the earth suffers, and so do we.

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A group of teenagers on a beach at sunset, jumping in the air

Pride and Humility

Pride can pull our hearts away from God.

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A foggy, athmospheric graveyard with tall gravestones

Whose Glory Are You Seeking?

May God give us the grace to be humble leaders, people who seek what is good and godly rather than our own glory.

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A globe sitting on a table

God is the Lord of All Nations

Isaiah 21, reminds us of the global reign of God. It also encourages us to pray for the nations; not just our nations, but all nations.

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A man bending over to pick up a large free weight

God, Are You Kidding Me?

God will help us to do things that, by ourselves, we could never accomplish.

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A crowd of men celebrating

The Peoples of God

Ultimately, all nations, all tribes, and all peoples belong to God.

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A woman holding out a Christmas gift to the viewer

Unexpected and Ironic Gifts for God

There is a profound irony in our giving gifts to God. Whether we’re giving God our labor or the financial fruits of our labor, in fact we are giving to God what God has provided. God doesn’t need our stuff.

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Someone wearing gardener's gloves handing a bowl of cherry tomatoes to another person

Remember God as You Work

It’s easy to forget about God when we’re busy working. We can focus on the tasks at hand, and also the challenges and opportunities.

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A man's hand held out to the viewer

God Is There For You

We often look to things other than God for help.

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Speed the Cause of Righteousness

The Old Testament prophet Isaiah foretells a time when a king “seeks justice and speeds the cause of righteousness.”

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