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My name is Candace. My journey to making body care products began 10 years ago in a friend’s kitchen. She was a work-at-home mom taking care of her seven month old daughter. She cooked and cleaned, but more importantly she created with her hands. Instead of going to the store for lotion she made it. Instead of going to the store for face wash, she made it. Instead of going to the store for deodorant, she made it. She had a sense of pride in knowing what she created with her hands benefited both her and her family. She found her creativity in the work of her hands. Her hands had power.

I was there, single, unmarried and working in corporate America. I certainly did not consider that a bad place in my life but I analyzed the different perspectives of life I was living in relationship with my friend. While transitioning from corporate life to graduate school, my friend allowed me to stay at her place for about a month. I said to myself, “When I get married and have children, I want that same power in my hands to provide for them in the most unconventional way, that goes far beyond what money could ever buy”.

Years later, I married Seth and we had Carise. She was my inspiration. From California where I was born and raised, we moved to Columbus, Ohio and my creativity blossomed even more. I created with my hands and I too found my own creativity. It felt effortless. Passions burned steadily. For the first time I was in my own element. I found my real self with the work of my hands…my creativity. Through failed attempts of making many formulas, I found my niche, even as I laboring creatively discovered successful formulas. I found joy in crafting these products…from my hands to yours. We hope you enjoy it.