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Denise Daniels

Author and Professor


Denise Daniels is a professor of entrepreneurship at Wheaton College. She earned her BA in psychology and economics at Wheaton College and her Ph.D. in organizational behavior at the University of Washington. Her research has been published in numerous academic and professional journals, and she has been recognized as both the Teacher and Scholar of the Year at SPU.

Denise regularly consults and provides executive coaching services and leadership development training in corporate contexts. Her primary interests are in the areas of Meaningful Work, Sabbath, Leadership, Gender, and Motivation. She is also an active participant in the faith-at-work movement, presenting at a number of faith-at-work groups across the country. Denise is the co-PI on a $1.5M research project funded by the Lilly Endowment examining how Christians in the United States understand and engage their faith at work. She and her husband are actively involved in a PCUSA congregation in Seattle, WA. They have attended countless soccer games in the rain in support of their four now-adolescent children.