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Elizabeth Eichhorn



Elizabeth didn’t choose real estate; real estate chose Elizabeth. Growing up, she would wander aimlessly through open houses, letting her imagination run wild thinking about what the house could look like if she lived there. She’d also spend weekends helping her dad with home projects, which led her to choose interior design as her college major. Along the way, Elizabeth realized that her real passion was connecting with people, so she changed her major and focused her energy on entrepreneurship instead.

Reenergized and determined, Elizabeth successfully started her own business, Mary Lee Kitchen, and quickly expanded into the local marketplace. Four years down the line, Elizabeth was lacking spark and, on happenstance, met the Dave Knight Team and felt right at home utilizing her strategic and leadership skills.

As a Listing Agent, Elizabeth is passionate about creating new ways to help get your house sold and, if you’re lucky, she might even help you with a few home projects in the process! She specializes in working with seniors and building relationships with our local assisted living facilities. Involved in her community and local charitable organizations, Elizabeth and her husband are proud to call Pasadena home.