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Dr. Kore Liow is a lifelong “island boy,” having been born in Penang Island, Malaysia and grown up in Singapore. He moved to Hawaii with his wife Michelle in 2009 to retire after a successful career as an academic research neurologist on the mainland. However, their hearts broke when they saw the huge need for neuroscience services and how people waited for months to get care especially those uninsured or underinsured or are travelling to mainland for advanced & research treatments. They then decided to use their skills and put their lifelong savings into establishing Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience (HPN) (then 2 employees in 2009) to meet an unmet need in the state serving the people of Hawaii suffering from neurological conditions. For over a decade now, HPN has brought over 150 groundbreaking neuroscience research therapies to benefit Hawaii’s patients who no longer need to travel to mainland.