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Lynn Townsend

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Lynn Townsend has more than two decades of business experience in the food and agriculture industries. She has held corporate roles in food technology and consumer communications, as well as a business unit lead and co-founder. Her favorite food industry flashback is touring her brother’s family in a Pop-Tart® production facility where her then-young niece and nephew deemed her the best aunt ever!

Lynn has also served in the world of education as a school board leader, school administration team member, and college adjunct professor. Her best memory of one of her public speaking students is a young lady who moved from choosing a failing grade instead of speaking to willingly speaking in front of hundreds of people.

Education Description

Armed with a food science degree from Purdue University, and organizational communication master’s degree, she loves to balance research, process improvements, and building new ventures with her people and leadership insights. Lynn’s calling is to foster an environment where people are encouraged in their purpose and make progress in their potential. While her faith permeates all she does, she continually grows in her knowledge of Scripture and what it means to live wholly for Christ.

Lynn loves to laugh and drink great coffee. She and her husband, Mark, have two college-aged daughters, three goldfish, and a gecko. They live in Michigan and enjoy adventures in traveling, music, and cooking.