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Lynn Townsend

Cohort Guide


From farm girl to Fortune 100 manager to a Third Third Flourishing cohort guide, Lynn Townsend leads positively and loves celebrating people. While she holds degrees from Purdue University and Western Michigan University, she considers the opportunity to foster potential in others in a fun and engaging manner as her greatest reward.

Lynn has nearly three decades of for- and non-profit experience. Her facilitation background includes being a communications professor, working in project management and business consulting, an event and retreat emcee, and leading personal and professional development training for entrepreneurs and companies with thousands of team members.

During two mission trips to Brazil, Lynn and her colleagues learned much from serving the indigenous peoples of South America. Tin-Tin, a new friend, thanked Lynn and her team for their kindness. He shared that as a thirty-something Indian, he appreciated being recognized and served by people who did not have his same skin color or his Amazon roots.

God is teaching Lynn to balance the daily bread of contentment with the yearnings of her heart for what the future holds. Lynn currently resides in Michigan. She enjoys practicing praise and jazz vocal music, cardio drumming, and dates with her husband, Mark.