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Having spent the last 17 years working with creative, entrepreneurial women, co-authoring a book on the subject, organizing ltd LIVE conferences, ltd WORKSHOPS, and conducting hundreds of interviews for the ltdBLOG for entrepreneurial women, Nada knows a little about starting and growing a business. With all that experience, and a real desire to help women pursue their calling, Nada began consulting women to launch and grow their ventures. No matter the platform, she is all about helping women articulate, organize, and test the viability and thrivability (it should be a word) of their big ideas…ideas she believes they were created for.

Prior to living the entrepreneurial dream, Nada launched her career in communications working for some biggies like Estee Lauder, Bloomingdales, Carolee, Nike, and Patagonia. She started out as a public relations assistant for a small firm in Boulder, Colorado, and ended her corporate stint as the Director of Marketing for the nation’s leading arbitration and mediation company in Washington, DC. Her experience, both in corporate America and as an entrepreneur, has given her invaluable insight into the essentials of launching and growing a successful business.