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Oscar Garcia-Johnson



Oscar García-Johnson, associate professor of theology and Latina studies, assumed leadership of Fuller’s Centro Latino in October 2015 as associate dean for the Center for the Study of Hispanic Church and Community. Prior to joining the Fuller faculty in 2008, he taught for ten years as an adjunct faculty member at Fuller. He also served as a regional minister with the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles for 11 years and planted four new churches in Southern California.
Oscar teaches in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. His research methodology interlaces de/postcolonial studies, classical theologies, and US Latino/Latin American studies into a critical hermeneutic he calls Transoccidentality. In addition to teaching courses at Fuller, García-Johnson is a social activist involved in faith-rooted holistic justice with Matthew 25 of Southern California, LA RED, and CCDA. He offers conferences on leadership development and ministry across The Americas (US included), Asia, and Africa. He is committed to facilitating thriving ministry environments for Latinx Millennials and Latina women.