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Ryan Gutierrez

Director of Operations


Ryan Gutierrez works as the De Pree Center’s director of operations. He oversees the day-to-day administrative operations for the De Pree Center and directs the development and implementation of organizational systems, processes, and workflows.

Ryan previously worked as the program specialist for the De Pree Center’s cohorts (2022-2023) and the director of operations for the Office of Vocation Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary (2017-2021). He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Point Loma Nazarene University (2011), a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary (2016), and is currently pursuing a PhD in New Testament at Fuller under Dr. Joel B. Green (exp. 2025). His dissertation explores the relationship between people and land in the Gospel of Luke and book of Acts. He has also participated in local church congregations in various capacities, including serving as a board member, running an inclement weather shelter for the homeless of San Diego, and leading a ministry to sick and elderly congregation members who are unable to attend regular church services.