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Suzie Sang

Research Associate


Suzie Sang works as the De Pree Center’s research associate. She plays a critical role in our research studies by assisting in the recruitment of and communication with research participants, doing data collection by conducting interviews and focus groups, and assisting with data analysis. She has been a researcher for the last five years, including working as a research consultant and serving on various research teams.

Suzie has also worked in higher education for over twelve years, holding a variety of roles on both the academic and student-centered sides. This has included work as an adjunct faculty member and a higher education administrator. Additionally, she has been on staff at two churches and served in a variety of paid and lay ministry positions for over twenty years.

Suzie holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations, as well as a Master of Divinity and PhD in Educational Studies. She has written curriculums and online articles for an array of organizations, runs a personal blog, and has preached and spoken at a number of conferences. In 2024, she started her own strategic consulting company, Sang Consulting Agency. To learn more about Suzie, visit her LinkedIn and Substack.