Innovcation for Vocation:
Recalibrating the Church

The church as we know it is calibrated for a world that no longer exists. So how do we maintain a rock-solid commitment to the unchanging Christian gospel, while at the same time create innovative ways to express that gospel to an ever-changing world?”

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Training Schedule

If you are part of a church team using this training to prepare for an Innovation Summit hosted by Fuller Seminary, the 6-week schedule is as follows. Use the links below to find each Module.

  • Week 1: Module 1

    Module 1.

    Prior to meeting for Module 2, we invite you to read the following chapter from a forthcoming book called, A Shared Story of Future Hope: Innovative Congregations and Agile Leaders. If you are short on time, simply read pages 1-10 and pages 16 & 17. That should take you between half-an-hour and an hour. Please use the link in the opening paragraphs of Module 2.

  • Week 2: Listening Project

    Each person on your team will do this separately. There is no need to meet in person this week.

  • Week 3: Module 2

    Module 2.

    In order to help us tailor the summit to your team’s needs, you will be asked to submit a “Listening Report” by the time you meet for Module 3 next week.

  • Week 4: Module 3

  • Week 5: Module 4

  • Week 6: Module 5

    Module 5.

    This module is an optional review of Modules 1-4.

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