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Honestly, there aren’t many people who can actually help you make your work matter. A challenge like that requires a blend of theory, theology, and pragmatism. Most people have expertise in just one, so too often their advice is (at best) half baked. Michaela is different. She’s an entrepreneur, practical theologian, and academic. She gets the messiness of it all and teaches us to wrestle with the possibilities. This book, like Michaela, is approachable, down to earth, and just plain helpful. Michaela, where were you when I was trying to find meaning in the junkyard?

Make Work Matter Reader: "This book is just plain helpful"

As a fellow laborer in the faith and work space with Michaela, I wanted to cheer out loud when I read her book, because it is such a practical wisdom for the angst around “call” for many workers, but especially millennials. Her work reflects not only theological truth, but also the hard-earned wisdom that only one who has walked the path can unpack. Unsure of your work’s role in God’s redemptive story? Feeling the urge to pontificate your vocation but without a theological rudder? Look no further. Michaela’s book has come to lead you into a journey of understanding your work with God at the center.

Make Work Matter Reader: "A journey of understanding"

In Make Work Matter, Michaela O’Donnell helps us understand the delicate intersection of our work and our calling. Through interviews of others who have already navigated the journey and her own personal experience, she helps us understand that the question is not what we are going to do, but rather who we are going to become. If you are trying to find a purpose for life and work that has meaning, Make Work Matter is a great place to start!

Make Work Matter Reader: "Michaela understands the delicate intersection of our work and our calling"

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