She Is… Biblical Reflections on Vocation

Written by various contributing authors: Inés Velásquez-McBryde, Jennifer Guerra-Aldana, Jeanelle Austin, Mark D. Roberts, Dea Jenkins, Joyce Del Rosario, Meryl Herr, Jerome Blanco, and Margaret Anderson-Sandoval ; Edited By Michaela O’Donnell

A rich portrait of how women have robustly participated in the work of God.

We at Fuller’s De Pree Center are excited to present to you, She Is…, a study guide designed to help people engage questions of vocation through the stories of various biblical women. This collection of diverse perspectives shares the unique lens that each author sees these biblical women in.

As you read, our hope is that each piece in this workbook encourages you to think deeply, ask new questions, and spark your imagination about both our central call to follow Jesus and also the particular ways God is inviting each of us to live and work in the world.

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Price: $7.99/study guide

*This is a digital product. After purchasing, you’ll be emailed a link to download the devotional guide as a downloadable PDF. When you get the PDF, you can read it on your computer, phone, or tablet, or you can print a copy for personal use.

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What's Inside?

Easily printable format (8.5″x11″ portrait)

9 devotions containing scripture, reflections, discussion questions, and prayers.

  • This study guide was designed to be used in a small group but can be used in a variety of ways:

    In a small group: Read through the workbook and discuss the questions as a group, one week at a time.

    By yourself: Go through the guide on your own, one week at a time. If you decide to use it by yourself, consider sharing your responses to the questions and your learnings from the practices with someone you trust. Often learning can be enhanced by sharing it with someone else!

A Note from the Editor, About the Authors

To help us reflect widely and thoughtfully on these nine biblical women, we invited nine different practitioners and theologians to lead us in imagining how the text informs our understandings of vocation. Interestingly, each of the writers’ own sense of calling is woven into their reflections in both implicit and explicit ways, helping to create a diverse set of reflections for you to engage with.

I am encouraged by how each author sees scripture in both shared and also unique ways. Their diversity of perspectives helps me envision the complexity of our God and the long history of people who have responded to God’s callings in the world.

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