Devotional Series: Invitation to a Flourishing Life

Cherry blossoms blooming on tree branches

What Does Flourishing Show Us?

When I flourish, I am inspired to offer praise and thanks to God, who by grace enables me to live fully and fruitfully.

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Mark Roberts' mom coming out of a tent

Can I Flourish in the Desert? Part 2

Sometimes life is like a verdant forest . . . and sometimes like a parched desert.

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Can I Flourish in the Desert?

God’s promise of flourishing is for you, no matter what you’re dealing with today.

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Did I Miss My Chance to Flourish?

You may truly believe you’ve missed your chance to flourish.

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An elderly couple standing in a field of yellow flowers

Unexpected Flourishing

According to Psalm 92, the righteous will flourish and be fruitful even “in old age.”

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A group of teenage girls sitting on a bench in a garden in prayer

Where are You Planted? Part 2

Scripture reveals that our flourishing depends on a meaningful, committed community with other Christians.

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Temple Mount in Jerusalem seen from the Mount of Olives

Where are You Planted? Part 1

If we want to flourish in life, if we want to live fully and fruitfully, then we need to develop an intimate, growing relationship with Jesus.

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Sun shining through a grove of California redwoods

How is Your Root System?

If you think of yourself as a tree, what is the condition of your root system?

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A surfer coming out of a wave

Are You Righteous?

We do not make ourselves righteous, but we can allow the gift of God’s righteousness to transform us.

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A forest with dried grass and many beautiful trees

Flourishing That Doesn’t Last

When we think about our lives, we want to flourish, not like the grass, but like beautiful, fruitful trees.

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A lot of oranges growing on a tree

A Picture of Natural Flourishing

God promises that those who live rightly will flourish, just like healthy, fruitful, beautiful trees.

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White cherry blossoms on a tree

Invitation to a Flourishing Life

Psalm 92 presents the promise that if we live rightly, we will flourish like healthy, beautiful, productive trees.

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