Devotional Series: Wisdom from Above

Mountaintop view with clouds

Is This Really Wisdom from Above?

Jesus was the embodiment of wisdom from above.

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The hands of a group of people in prayer

Receiving Wisdom Together

Though we rightly anticipate that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom from above when we are quiet and alone with God, we should also seek the wisdom that comes in a community of believers.

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A person sitting looking out at a peaceful lake

Preparing to Receive God’s Wisdom

We can imitate the example of Jesus, making time for solitude and silence so that we might hear the “still, small voice” of God’s Spirit.

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A dove in flight near a skyscraper

The Source of Wisdom from Above

We have access to “wisdom from above” because we have within us the Spirit from above.

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An owl staring at the camera intently

Wisdom from Above

As you face the complexities of life, know that you’re not on your own to figure out what’s best.

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