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Impact stories highlight the influence the De Pree Center has had on individuals and organizations. We want to know how the resources we create impact people who, in turn, impact the people and systems around them. We invite you to share your impact stories with us.

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• What they learned
• Any action, change, or impact that they made as a result of engaging a De Pree Center resource or program

Here’s an example impact story:

Debbie, a senior telecommunications professional in Georgia, was charged with growing a branch of her corporation from 4 to 900 people over a five-year period. For those same five years, she regularly read Life for Leaders, De Pree Center’s daily devotion. She cited these engagements with Scripture as key to her spiritual formation as the kind of leader who could hire, fire, and lead with the grace and love of Christ.

Need more examples?
• Polished examples written in a recent donor report
• Unpolished examples stored in our database
In a few words, what was the key change or impact made for this individual? For example:
• Ernesto the engineer moved from burnout to renewed.
• Danielle the retiree moved from unclear to encouraged.
For instance: you met the person at a conference; you had an email correspondence with them, etc.